PSSC workshops in 2018

The PSSC has introduced an online registration policy that went into effect late last year. We begin announcing the upcoming workshop to our PSSC membership three months before the start of a workshop. PSSC members get priority in attending our workshops. After the first month of the opening announcement, the workshop is announced to the general public.

This policy does away with waiting lists and deposits and only accepts online paid registrations on a first come, first served basis. Because it is electronic, this process is completely objective and absolute. As soon as the registration reaches 16 registrants, the process automatically closes. We have long established this as the number of student attendees that get the most exposure to the visiting artist and is also a comfortable amount for most artists.

In our most recent workshop offering, due to it's popularity, two workshop sessions were quickly filled before there was ever a chance to offer it to the public. Don't miss your opportunity to enroll in these workshops, become a PSSC member today.

The PSSC is now offering free membership for a year! Visit our Membership page to join! 


Stan Sperlak Workshop - Session Two Open for Registration - November 2018


 Stan Sperlak - Session 2

"On Becoming a Better Landscape Painter"

2-Day Workshop

Monday & Tuesday, November 5 & 6, 2018

This workshop will be held at the Riviera United Methodist Church in Redondo Beach, CA. His 3 day session on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is full. The second session has opened to give more people the opportunity to attend a Stan Sperlak workshop.

Stan will also be conducting a demo at the PSSC members meeting on Saturday, Nov. 10.

To register click on the button below to go to the Workshop Store.

This 16 person class is already more than half full, so hurry to secure your spot! 

Stan Sperlak.jpg


Stan Sperlak is a nationally respected pastel painter and is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, the Maryland Pastel Society and has served on the boards of the Maryland Pastel Society and the Mid Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association. He teaches pastels at his teaching studio on the Crow Creek, Goshen, NJ.

Linda Mutti Demo & Mini-workshop at September Meeting

  "Morning Glory" by Linda Mutti

"Morning Glory" by Linda Mutti

Linda Mutti is a presenter at our next member's meeting on September 8, 2018.

Join us for the meeting and enjoy Linda Mutti's demo! She will be showing how to Free Yourself With A Watercolor Underpainting, focusing on the landscape.

The mini-workshop after the meeting is already filled.  contact Paula Somma to get on the waiting list!
Time: 1:00 - 4:00

Please email Paula Somma at

linda painting.jpeg

Linda Mutti is an award winning plein air painter that works in oils,  pastels and graphite.  She has as a passion for interpreting the golden light of the California coast and the western way of life.

In 2016, Linda was honored with an Artist Member status in the esteemed California Art Club, Master Circle status with the International Association of Pastel Societies and Member of Distinction with American Women Artists. 

Linda was awarded Outstanding Pastel in the July BoldBrush Competition and was the featured artist for Informed Collector.  



Casey Klahn Workshop - Session Two Open for Registration - June 2018

Casey Klahn's landscape workshop titled On Colorwill be held at the Riviera United Methodist Church in Redondo Beach, CA.

  Blue Rainforest by   Casey Klahn.

Blue Rainforest by Casey Klahn.


Casey Klahn - Session 2

2-Day Workshop

Monday & Tuesday, June 25 & 26, 2018


To register click on the button below to go to the Workshop Store.

Casey Klahn is an American artist who shows you new colors. Looking at his works, what at first seems a mystery eventually gives way to an emotional renewal. He has said, “I want my pictures to feel for you like nine months of rain, but with hope for tomorrow.”

He continues the expression of ideas that began over a century ago with Modernist painters such as Cézanne, van Gogh, Degas and Matisse, and yet his color designs are evocative and new. Casey is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America.

Casey Klahn Workshop - Possible Second Session - June 2018

The first session of the Casey Klahn workshop was quickly filled by PSSC members who received first notice of open registration. Now there is the possibility of a second 2-day session being opened if there is enough interest.

PSSC members will still receive priority in signing up, but since the PSSC is offering a free year of membership, join up at no charge and be included in the priority notices for the 2018 workshops. Fill out the registration form on the Membership page and submit to become a member, that's all it takes!

Once you are a member, if you are interested in a second session of the Casey Klahn workshop, send an email to to get on the waiting list. If enough people sign up, a 2-day session will be scheduled.


Casey Klahn's landscape workshop titled On Color will be held at the Riviera United Methodist Church in Redondo Beach, CA.

Tentative Session 2

2-Day Workshop

Projected Date: Monday & Tuesday
June 25 & 26, 2018

Casey Klahn is an American artist who shows you new colors. Looking at his works, what at first seems a mystery eventually gives way to an emotional renewal. He has said, “I want my pictures to feel for you like nine months of rain, but with hope for tomorrow.”

He continues the expression of ideas that began over a century ago with Modernist painters such as Cézanne, van Gogh, Degas and Matisse, and yet his color designs are evocative and new. Casey is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America.

Otto Stürcke Workshop - January 2018


2 - Day Workshop
January 2-3, 2018

3 - Day Workshop
January 4-6, 2018

at the RUMC in Redondo Beach, CA

Otto Stürcke is an award winning artist who imparts two decades of illustration and fine art experience to his workshops. Otto shares time-honored techniques in combination with contemporary techniques to achieve effects to your fulfillment.

Workshop Attendees will learn

  • Impressionistic or Realistic - Learn tips and techniques to get successful results in your choice of style

  • Techniques to achieve a variety of textures

  • How to set up and light your still life: Composition to Storytelling.

  • How to apply a variety of pastels including pastel pencils to the best advantage

  • Underpainting techniques with watercolor, gouache, oil, and acrylic

  • Different transfer tips and methods for your painting temperament

  • How to prep and prime your own panels

  • Ultimately, learn the joy of painting with what is arguably the most versatile and luminous medium known to artists.

Some materials will be provided for all workshop attendees and will be specified in the materials  once you enroll. For any questions, contact Otto Stürcke at


Register and pay today at the PSSC Store to secure your spot!


Christine Ivers Workshop - September 2017

 "Insomnia" by Christine Ivers

"Insomnia" by Christine Ivers

Christine Ivers Nightscape Workshop
Sept 27, 28
 and 29, 2017

Two Openings are available!

Riviera United Methodist Church
375 Palos Verdes Blvd.
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Sept 27, 28 and 29, 2017


Don't miss the opportunity to attend this workshop, secure your spot by paying at our PSSC store today!
Christine Ivers Workshop - Pay Here

This studio workshop, featuring Christine Ivers will be held on Sept 27, 28 and 29, 2017, (Wednesday through Friday). Christine is planning to have students paint from their own photographs. Her Supply List will be sent to all signed participants or download it at the link below.

The workshops run from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with a one hour lunch break.

Arturo Fribourg, PSSC Workshop Coordinator

Download the workshop Materials List here.

Visit Christine Ivers' website at


Melody Allen Demo July 8th Meeting

Melody Allen will be the presenter at our next member's meeting on July 8, 2017.

She will be demonstrating her glorious wave paintings.

Following the meeting there will be an opportunity for plein air painting at the beach! Bring your supplies and put into practice what Melody teaches in the demo. This is open to everyone, no sign up required.


"I plan to paint a Wave from start to "finish" (not quite, but I work fast). I will demonstrate my underpainting technique, the use of soft and hard pastel, as well as metallic and pearlescent Pastels. I am not "classically" trained, some of my methods are a bit unorthodox but they seem to work. I think my waves are most successful when I emphasize contrasting values and color, and use strokes and blending that mirror the motion of the water. "


  Melody Allen

Melody Allen

PSSC Ranch Paint-Away at the Beautiful Blue Moon Ranch! May 4-7, 2017


Join us for an instructorless four days of painting en plein air and/or in studio in the Central Coast of California!

The Blue Moon Ranch and Blue Moon West are about 20 minutes Northeast of Santa Maria on CA highway 166, with plenty of painting subjects for pastel artists!

Enjoy a 50-acre horse ranch with white fences, oak trees, two barns, horses, a house and other outbuildings, including an empty chicken house, along with a very large indoor art studio and outdoor covered patio. Some of the horses on the property are an Arabian, a Quarter Horse, a Tennessee Walker and two paints, one of which looks a bit Mustang-like.  Horses of many colors!

Down the street five more minutes is Blue Moon cattle ranch, with lots of cows, hills, a river, historic redwood barn, old adobe structure and plenty of wilderness to photograph/paint on another 450 acres. Also enjoy nearby vineyards and coastal scenes galore.

There will be no workshop fee! You will just pay for your own hotel accommodations and can contribute to a group food budget if you wish (optional).

Information to book your room:

Santa Maria Historic Inn

Santa Maria also has many other hotels from which to choose. For more information, call Lynn Attig at 310-374-8309, or email with "Ranch Paint-Away" in the subject line.

We could carpool!

Tony Allain Workshops - June 26-28 & June 29-30, 2017

 Colour & Light - Landscapes

3 day workshop - June 26-28


2 day workshop - June 29-30

At  the

Riviera United Methodist Church

in Redondo Beach, CA

Join Tony Allain in one of these exciting workshops! Two sessions have been scheduled to allow more people to participate.


The cost will be approximately $350 for 3 days & $240 for 2 days. A $100 deposit will be due by April 20, 2017. The total amount must be paid in full by May 20, 2017. Contact Arturo Fribourgh at

"I will share some of my working methods in these workshops concentrating on painting land, seascapes, figures and still life subjects that have a bit of punch! Using direct strokes on a textured surface to emphasize 'brushwork' we will learn how to simplify our approach to achieve exciting impressionistic paintings. My workshops are for those willing to go through the door marked 'leaving your comfort zone' and enter a world of exciting and expressive pastel application! We will experiment ways in how to introduce colour and light into our work. Each day will start with a demonstration with heaps of challenges and loads of individual help at the easel."



Barbara Jaenicke “Poetic Landscapes” Workshops - April 2017

  Wide Open View , pastel, 12"x 16"

Wide Open View, pastel, 12"x 16"

Two 3-day studio workshops featuring

Barbara Jaenicke will be held on

April 17, 18 & 19, 2017


April 20, 21 & 22, 2017,

(with a 2-day option for 20th & 21st and 1-day option on the 22nd))

at the

Riviera United Methodist Church, 375 Palos Verdes Blvd. Redondo Beach, CA.

Visit Barbara's website at or her blog at to see her beautiful artwork!

The cost will be approximately $350 for the three days. A $100 deposit will be due by February 20, 2017 and the total amount must be paid in full by March 20, 2017. When the deposit is received, a materials list will be sent to each participant. Please email Arturo Fribourgh at to sign up.

“Painting isn’t just a job or hobby for me. It’s a passion. Maybe even an obsession. I try to paint feelings, moods and experiences rather than “things.” To do this I need to push beyond the basic mechanics of creating the work. No painting is ever easy to me. Each one challenges me to create that magic that goes beyond just a painting of a thing. That magic doesn’t always happen in every single painting, but it’s those few instances when the painting 'hits' that make it worth going through all the painful 'misses.'"


Jon Thornton Demo/Speaker at January 14, 2017 Meeting

Preparing your Art for Promotion, Sales and Exhibition

Jon Thornton, owner of Four Sticks framing, is an experienced Photographer and Framer that will be demonstrating "How to Photograph your Artwork" as well as converting the image to proper format for submission to exhibitions and online promoting. Jon will be working in the Irfanview program (a free photo editing program) and will walk us through the step-by-step process of creating high quality images that represent your fine artwork.

Bring Your Artwork to be Photographed!

After the General Meeting, Jon will also be offering his services to photograph members' artwork for a special offer of $5 per image. This will include converting the image to be submission ready. With our exhibition approaching, this will be a wonderful opportunity to get your artwork professionally photographed and ready to submit online for our show. So please remember to bring your finished paintings, unframed, any and all that you would like photographed and converted.

Fill out the PDF Form

To have your artwork photographed, please download the attached PDF form, fill out and bring it with you to the meeting with your check or cash to pay Jon Thornton directly.  

Contact Paula Somma

Please contact Paula Somma at if you plan on having your images photographed and she will add your name to the list of participants.

Download the Photograph Form PDF

Molly Lipsher Mini-workshop at November Meeting

  A Moment of Radiance

A Moment of Radiance

Molly Lipsher will do a demo of her work at the November 17th member's meeting. After the meeting and our holiday catered lunch, she will offer a mini-workshop. Currently the workshop is full but a waiting list is available.


Please email Paula Somma at to get on the waiting list.


From Molly ...

"I am inspired by vast open spaces, and the primorial landforms I find there. I travel extensively to paint in remote locations, most recently focused on New Mexico, the Sierra and the great deserts. I utilize light and form where I find them, formulating an emotional response for my paintings through the actual existing physicality; the terrain, geology, climate, topography, and vegetation. 

When in the midst of painting it, I must be in tune to capture its innate spirit, wit, and ultimately, the irony of its mystery, since the true origin will always remain unknown. I am less concerned with "finish" than I am with capturing this intuitive spirited, mood of a place. I like to express my emotional response through bold, gestural, colorful strokes, and I leave these strokes as is, trying not to refine them excessively in the finished piece."


Visit to see more of her work!

Lavone Sterling Mini-workshop at September meeting

Lavone Sterling is a presenter at our next member's meeting on September 17, 2016.

She will do a demo on Atmospheric Perspective. After the meeting she will conduct a mini-workshop. Currently the mini-workshop is full but there is a waiting list available.

Please email Paula Somma at to get on the waiting list.

Topic of Demonstration: Atmospheric Perspective

Description of Workshop

"In this workshop we will be dealing with the artist's task of creating the illusion of distance or depth in landscape. The saturation of light on distant objects as mountain and trees or atmospheric perspective causes the object to appear to fade. Leonardo da Vinci referred to this phenomenon as "the perspective of disappearance" . There are several techinques pastel artists can use to achieve atmospheric perspective or the desired "distance in a landscape". We will explore those methods in our workshop and learn a few tricks. So bring photos to work from and get ready to have fun"

LaVone Sterling, a Signature Member of PASTEL SOCIETY OF AMERICA; PASTEL SOCIETY OF THE WEST COAST and SIERRA PASTEL SOCIETY, is a California artist whose landscapes and portraits are found in both private and public collections throughout the world.   Her painting “Golden Glow”is currently on the box lid of SennelierSoft Pastel30 piece pleinair landscape set and is available at most art supply stores. 

“I feel so fortunate to live in this beautiful valley”, the artist says. “I never lack for subject matter or inspiration.  Mornings, when my mind is fresh, is when I do my best work.  I begin painting when the sun comes up. Capturing the light is truly a challenge and creating art has its own sense of restful reward. My hope is that those who view my art will feel the same sense of quiet inward peace as I do when I create it."

LaVone’s work is available for sale at The Sense of Place Art Gallery in Fresno, CA or on her website

Realistic Still Life Workshop with Lisa Ober - October 2016

October 20-22, 2016

Riviera United Methodist Church

375 Palos Verdes Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90277


Don't miss the opportunity to sign up for this workshop with talented artist Lisa Ober. Check out her amazing realistic artwork at

There are only a few places left so don't delay, contact Arturo Fribourg to secure your spot!

Artist Lisa Ober, PSA,  teaches a color-filled workshop on how to create beautifully detailed still life paintings in pastel. She will take a step-by-step approach through her unique still life technique, from the first sketch to the finished piece using a photo reference. Short demonstrations followed by plenty of class work time will ignite a passion for still lifepainting as students see their colorful paintings take shape. Participants will learn the skills needed to create believable and realistic still life paintings that are loaded with impressive details.

Lisa will discuss developing keen observation skills, color selection, pastel application, and she will disclose her secrets for handling difficult surfaces such as glass or metal—giving special attention to this area.

"I love people.  I love painting.  I love painting people.  Put those three statements together and you have the perfect combination for a portrait painter which is exactly what I have endeavored to be my whole life.  As a small child I was inspired by my grandmother, a self taught artist who seemed to also enjoy portrait painting.  I recall spending hours with her in her studio hanging on to her every tip, trick, demonstration or suggestion.  My greatest hope was to be as good a painter as she was and my favorite past time was trying to do just that."

--- from

Alain Picard Workshop Openings - March 2016

There are still a few spots open for the Alain Picard landscape and portrait workshops! Don't miss the chance to sign up for one or both of these workshops since they are not offered on the west coast very often!



Three-Day Workshop, 9:00am-4:00pm
March 7-9, 2016
Location: Pastel Painters of Southern California, Redondo Beach
Registration: Please contact Arturo Fribourg at

Learn to develop lifelike portrait paintings, whether working from the live model or photographic references. Using the live model as our reference, we’ll learn all the techniques necessary to create stunning portraits in pastel and oil. Lighting and posing the model, photographing the model for reference, designing the portrait, creating lifelike skin tones, learning the painterly approach, and refining your portrait will all be covered in a relaxed and friendly learning environment. Alain will demonstrate each morning based on the day’s theme, and students will work from the live model throughout the day to develop lifelike portraits with personalized instruction at their easels. The workshop will conclude with an encouraging group critique on the last day. 



Two Day Studio/Plein Air Workshop, Thursday-Friday, 9:00am-4:00pm
March 10-11, 2016
Location: Pastel Painters of Southern California, Redondo Beach
Registration: Please contact Arturo Fribourg at

Loosen up your landscapes using the painterly approach. Learn to simplify complex scenes into clear shapes, values, and edges. Organize these shapes into strong design and color combinations using bold, expressive marks to interpret your environment for that lush painterly look.


For more details and information on cost and payment deadline download this Workshop Notice from Arturo Fribourg.

You can also download the Workshop Supply List


Julia Patterson Meeting Demo and Mini-Workshop - January 16, 2016


Join the fun with a demo by Julia Patterson on Texture and Whimsy at our January 16th PSSC meeting. Afterwards a mini- workshop will be offered to continue exploring these subjects using highly textured gaterboard, pastels and a little color theory to create masterpieces of whimsy.


There are only 12 places available for the mini-workshop, contact Vickie Sekits or Lynn Attig to secure your spot!


About the Workshop      ----from Julia Patterson                              

Texture Madness!

Let’s just play for 3 hours using highly textured gatorboard, hard and soft pastels, and a little color theory to create masterpieces of whimsy. Recommended subject matter: animals or objects. Nothing serious. One prepared board included.

Fee:  $35/person
Class Size Limit: 12

Materials List:
Assortments of pastels, mostly semi-hard to hard.
Any size piece of gatorboard or hardboard you like(no foamcore), 16” x 12” recommended
2” brush from hardware store
water container
largest black Sharpie you can find

SpectraFix ColourFix pastel Primer (colored or clear)

I will provide a small textured board for each participant to experiment with while our larger boards are drying as well as some acrylic paints and other goodies.