You can help to keep our pastel society going strong! Would you like to make new friends? Would you like to share your skills or learn a new one? Here are some good reasons to volunteer!

  • Help others

  • Make a difference

  • Enjoy a meaningful conversation

  • Connect with your community

  • Feel involved

  • Use your skills in a productive way

  • Develop new skills

  • Meet new people

  • Explore new areas of interest

  • Impress yourself

  • Expand your horizons

  • Get out of the house

  • Make new friends

Some PSSC activities where you can make a difference:


The hospitality team procures and provides food and beverages for our bimonthly PSSC group meeting. The responsibilities include set up before and clean up after the meeting. A really fun part is the shopping, as we use our creativity to make a well rounded selection of delights. We balance healthy and fun foods and look for new and exciting items to tantalize tastebuds. Our generous members will normally provide treats also.

The most fun part is the rewarding way that our efforts help bring smiles and socialization to our fine group.


Be the “right hand” person for the Instructor/Presenter, introduce them pre-meeting or during breaks to folks in the meeting. Assist with getting lunch, offer help with material and handouts during the mini-workshop. Be the key back-up for the board member in charge of Demos if that person can’t make it to the meeting and possibly help with pre-meeting organization.

This is the chance to interact personally with the many talented artists invited to teach the mini-workshops!

Corresponding Secretary

If you like Christmas in July (or any month other than December), this job is a perfect fit. The Corresponding Secretary sends out letters to potential sponsors requesting show prize donations and then waits for the prizes to come in. And they do!It helps that we are a 501(c).

Some past prizes have been huge: a Guerrilla pastel painter box with carrying bag, sets of pastels Girault and other brands, gift certificates, framing certificates, pastel panels and paper, and prize money, to name just a few. It’s so fun! Next, the secretary sends a thank-you letter to the sponsor along with a PSSC calendar. We get a gift. They get a gift, just like Christmas!


Principal duties consist of collecting member dues and maintaining the PSSC membership roster. The roster is kept on Excel which calls for someone proficient in this program. The roster is updated continuously to keep track of member contact information and renewal status. The membership person mails or emails acknowledgements to those joining or renewing, as well as sending out membership cards, and renewal reminders. Recently members can join or renew online which makes collecting dues a little easier, though checks are still accepted by mail or in person at the PSSC meetings.

A secondary copy of the roster is maintained on Mailchimp, an email marketing platform, to facilitate PSSC mailings to membership. Any experience on this type of programs is welcome, as is the desire to learn this as a new skill.


Help to maintain and update the PSSC website. You would be posting current information on PSSC activities and events like meetings, workshops, membership, exhibitions, etc. Some other duties are maintaining the member gallery and creating PSSC store pages and monitoring store inventory and orders.

The Webmaster interfaces with the web host provider (Squarespace) and the domain host (GoDaddy) and monitors payment of yearly fees. Would you like to learn how to do all these things? Sign up!


Mike Ishikawa had been the exhibition VP for the past 8 years. In that time the PSSC shows have gone from the Manhattan Beach Creative Art Center to the Lexus showroom in Torrance. From it’s humble beginnings, it has seen a total transformation to now, a very professional exhibition worthy of being in the class with the best shows in the USA.

The primary task for this position is of course, hanging paintings on the wall. Prior to hanging, the paintings must be carefully arranged to determine the best display positions. Should they be double stacked or hung individually? Is the spacing correct, does the paintings look good from afar? Do the paintings have a good flow, as you view each painting? Etc.

Another fun task, is ordering ribbons for the winners of each category. What is going to be the design this year, what colors, what text should we have on each ribbon, should we get the distinguished juror to sign each ribbon. Etc; The last hurrah, is of course announcing the winners of each category at the reception where all the guests are present.

One of the best perks about this position is getting to talk to the Distinguished juror each year, in addition to talking to the juror that selects which painting is worthy of entry into the show.

Over the years, Mike has been fortunate to have 3 or 4 excellent assistants, who have helped in hanging the paintings on the wall each year. But Mike is stepping down soon and though he has a very able successor ready to take his place, there is always a need for helping hands. Aspiring assistants are always welcome to come and help and to learn.


The Historian is responsible for documenting and archiving all meetings and events pertaining to the PSSC. There are many ways to preserve PSSC history, including paper documents, still photographs, videography, and electronic files.

Another important task is to keep a record book with all pertinent information and organization milestones, such as the year's officers and award winners.

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